Hazeian Connect

The Future of Decentralized Trade

Presale starts 9 May 2018

Hazeian Connect

Hazeian Connect lets you create a decentralized marketplace in a single click.

Earn Hazeian Tokens by creating a marketplace or building an escrow service using our innovative escrow platform.

Use Cases

Online Store

Sell goods and services in multiple currencies

Hazeian supports online stores by allowing marketplaces to contain just one seller - the business. Businesses can sell direct to customers, skipping out the merchant fee and allowing almost-instant payments with no chargebacks.

Trading Platform

Create an exchange for goods and services (such as cryptocurrencies)

Hazeian can be used to build a highly scalable trading platform, allowing users to trade objects such as cryptocurrencies and tokens. These trading platforms will benefit from the built-in security Hazeian provides as well as being completely transparent for their users.

Payment Processor

Add cyrptocurrency payments to existing websites, including micropayments

Hazeian supports almost every currency making it ideal for use as a payment processor. Businesses can process local and international payments without exchange fees or merchant fees almost-instantly and without having to deal with chargebacks.

Time Based Booking

Book time-based events such as hotels or car rentals

Hazeian's time-based booking system can be used to book time sensitive events, such as hotels, car rentals, holiday rentals or services. Hazeian's booking system allows businesses to sell millisecond level services in a wide range of currencies.

Location Based Booking

Buy and sell location based services such as hoilday rentals or flights

Hazeian's location booking system can be used to book events and goods that are tied to a specific geo - such as flights, holiday rentals and geo-specific advertising. Goods and services can also be set to only show to specific geo users, enabling global marketplaces


Run auctions for goods and services such as property or contracts

Hazeian's auction system can run a wide range of auctions, such as dutch auctions and blind auctions. Each will be backed by a smart contract, enabling the bidders to bid in confidence. For the business, Hazeian will handle the complexity and security of the marketplace

E-commerce Platform

Create a decentralized ecommerce platform for other businesses

Hazeian is perfect for ecommerce platforms - enabling a marketplace owner to facilitate trade between users, allowing users to start and bid on trades for goods and services.

Escrow Services

Create and run escrow services to earn Hazeian Tokens

Escrow services are central to the Hazeian Network. Each marketplace owner can pick one or more escrow services which can be used on their marketplace, with escrow service owners being paid fees for their services.

Marketing and Analytics

Intergrate targeted advertising and promotions into marketplaces

Each marketplace will come with a fully featured analytics package, as well as offering integrations for third party analytics systems. Hazeian Analytics will allow businesses to run targetd advertising campaigns and promotions for their marketplace and products.